Why are we different?

We have a lifetime of experience in the Scottish quarrying, concrete, asphalt and road surfacing industry. We value our customers and you speak directly to the owners of the business.

Roadlay combines the knowledge and skills of being a supplier and manufacturer of primary construction products, with our laboratory expertise, highly personal service, extensive experience, modern products, and high specification materials to provide an unrivalled and competitive specialist surfacing solution. We have the answers to assist any of your project’s needs.

Excelling typical ground workers, pavers and even alternative asphalt contractors: – At Roadlay, we are product manufactures, material designers, asphalt technologists and civil engineers, turned contractor, allowing us to specify a variety of specialist materials for modern design solutions and install them quickly and correctly. We can engage with engineers and architects, working to existing engineers’ drawings, or prepare our own reports and issue our own expertise.


It’s essential that when looking for a surface specialist, you engage the services of experts who have proven technological experience and have undertaken government and large-scale commercial contracts whereby they have had to supply accreditation, insurance and Quality Management systems. Operating our plant, machinery and haulage, health and safety has been at the forefront of our organisation continually revising and improving our QMS, whilst having to adhere to the very strict British Standards for machine operation, transport operator’s licence regulation, product quality and SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) to name a few.

Therefore, our customers can trust us with their project or property safe in the knowledge that Roadlay provides these same assurances, quality and regulation from new road construction, right down to the renovation of a private driveway.

All Roadlay’s products will be CE marked and supplied and laid in accordance with British Standards, and our company’s Quality Management System. Type tests of materials used are issued on completion of every job. We know
the asphalt business inside out!


Over the past 40 years we have built up solid relationships with some of the most respected industry technicians, engineers and fellow business owners worldwide helping us to share knowledge and expertise and stay at the top of our game. We have also been members of the IAT (Institute of Asphalt Technology) for 40 years.

Providing excellence

Roadlay is a customer-focused business with client satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.

We are passionate about delivering an exceptional level of service at all times. This dedication is reflected throughout our organisation, in our management systems, processes and accreditations across the spectrum of our work. We promote excellence in our industry, having developed products and solutions to meet our client’s requirements for the last 40 years.