Industrial & Garage Resin Flooring Glasgow

Within the industry we are seeing a huge shift towards durable garage floor systems that are decorative, easily to maintain and resistant to chemical attack.

Roadlay’s residential garage floor system has been adapted from commercial grade factory surfacing and is a low cost way to spruce up your garage floors.

Customers who install these systems wish to resolve excessive concrete dust in their garages and create a clean, smart and visually appealing area of their home, encouraging use and transforming a dark, lifeless area into another, more functional room.

Your garage floor can be transformed in either Rubber Flake or scattered in a man-made diamond before sealing in resin. The effect is outstanding.

Despite being most common in garage floors, this product can be used in many applications, from workshops and gym space to commercial car repair centres and shop floors.

Many of our customers take advantage of this service whilst using our concrete or driveway installation, and looking to improve their outside space. We are happy to offer discount on combination of service.

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