In construction we select products that hold the correct specification matched to the requirement of the job it is intended perform. Both Asphalt and concrete are the most versatile products, covering a large variety of applications as each is produced in individual mixes, designs, and strengths, being reinforced with fibres and ad mixtures, all to cater for various specific needs. These products can be produced intentionally weak, to surround underground pipes for example, where the material may need to be broken out in the future for repair, or made strong enough to sustain heavy traffic on motorways, to holding the weight of structural buildings.

Rubber Crumb and Resin Bound on the other hand are limited in strength and versatility, but hold the unique qualities for what they are intended for.

Poor installations are most commonly a result of failure to understand the products being worked with, so at Roadlay, having worked extensively across all our products, manufacturing, designing and installing our own, we believe that we deliver unrivalled service, consultation, specification, and installation.

Product Benefits

Our technical background combined with our multi-skilled workforce present a one stop shop for all your projects surfacing requirements, offering discounts to our customers using two or more of our services, saving you time and money.

The products you choose will always boil down to performance, aesthetics and cost and we are here to help you make the best decision for your projects needs.

Permanent Red Asphalt
Resin Bonded
Rubber Crumb
Block Paving