If you are a commercial business owner, you’ll be in charge of the environment in which your employees work. It is your responsibility to ensure that your premises are as good as they can be to not only keep your employees happy but your clients too.

This means keeping your building smart and functional and one area that is often neglected is the car park. This area may seem insignificant, but it could be your client’s first impression as well as the start to your employee’s day!

If your business premises include an area to park cars, there are several things you can do to make sure this area is attractive and well maintained.


Resurfacing your car park can transform the outside area – which is often just car parking space. If it has been many years since the car park was either created or resurfaced, you’ll find that this will make a huge difference to the look and function of your building.

By resurfacing your car park, it will remain safe, functional, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Roadlay can take care of your car park resurfacing project as well as any ancillary works including drainage and iron work to add to your building’s appeal. In addition, if you are a building manager, you can optimise your rental income by making your building an attractive place to operate.


To make your car park look smart and professional, you can also include landscaping in the surrounding areas. This will complement your car park, add some colour and design to what can be seen as a purely functional space. It could be somewhere to sit, meet, enjoy rather than just somewhere to park a car.

You can choose simple, cleanly cut grass, or perhaps incorporate decorative resin pathways – either way, landscaping can make a huge difference in creating a professional front for your building and making it a more appealing place to work and visit.

Safety first

It is important that your car park is not only functional but safe. In the winter here in Scotland we can sometimes see the day getting dark at 2.30pm, so lighting is essential for your employees and clients’ safety. By installing lighting in and around your car park you can ensure that no cars are parked in darkness and all pedestrianised areas are well lit.

To find out more about how we can help to renovate your car parking area, talk to us at Roadlay and we’ll be more than happy to offer a no obligation quotation with our professional advice.