What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a mixture of bitumen, stone aggregate and sand used for surfacing roads. It is also known as bitumen and ‘Tarmac’ which is a commonly known brand name. It is used as the glue or binder mixed with aggregate particles to crate asphalt concrete.

How much is an Asphalt driveway?

Many factors can vary the cost of installing an asphalt driveway, whether it’s a full excavation, new drainage and edging install required, new manhole fitting, and whether we need to drop the street kerb at driveway entrance and resurface pedestrian path are just a few. It really is job specific, contact Roadlay today for an onsite visit by one of our engineers. Find Out More

How long does it take to surface a driveway in Asphalt?

An Asphalt driveway can be installed in just a day or so, depending on the area, and can be used within just 24 hours.

Does asphalt come in different colours?

Yes – we provide Asphalt in a permanent red colour which you’ll often see in playgrounds and on sports flooring. It is also available in other colours but in domestic use, red is the most common. Find out more

What are the main differences between concrete and asphalt?

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How do I look after an asphalt driveway?

Asphalt is easy to maintain, it can be cleaned regularly with a wire brush or a jet wash and a mild detergent to remove oil stains. It can be re sealed every three to five years depending on the level of use. Find out more

What driveway surfaces do you offer?

We provide Asphalt, block paving and resin bond. Find out more

Does Asphalt crack?

It can do but this is quite rare as it is a fairly flexible material. If it does crack over a long period of time it can be repaired or it could be an indication that your driveway needs to be replaced. Find out more

What is Asphalt used for?

Asphalt is commonly used on roads, driveways, patios and in roofing products. Find out more

What expertise do you have?

Roadlay is one of Scotland’s most established team of experts, with over 40 years’ experience in the Scottish quarrying, concrete, asphalt and road surfacing industry. Find out more