Agricultural Asphalt & Concrete Glasgow

The harsh acidic effluents found in agricultural environments can seriously degrade conventional asphalt and concrete. At Roadlay, we are one of the only agricultural asphalt contractors in Glasgow, Scotland. We provide the ultimate durable surfacing services for agricultural environments, specifying and correctly installing more resilient materials to meet the needs of the hardwearing nature of the farming industry.

Within the agricultural industry, asphalt is used for a multitude of purposes including:

  • Farm road builds
  • Farm tracks
  • Farm yards
  • Barn floors
  • Poultry housing
  • Livestock housing
  • Animal feed storage areas
  • Patch repair
  • Concrete foundations
  • Silage clamps
  • Pathways
  • All associated ancillary works

Farm Yards

Resisting acidic erosion whilst providing a strong, durable surface for heavy farm machinery.

Silage Clamps

As one of the most aggressive industrial environments, our surfacing solutions will withstand high temperatures and chemical erosion.

Livestock housing

Areas housing livestock require an insulated, impermeable surface in order to provide a clean and pleasant environment for farm animals that are non-abrasive to animal’s feet and resistant to urine.

Animal Feed Storage Areas

A clean, non-contaminated surface for storage of bulk animal feed is essential.

Farm Tracks

Providing a smooth, durable easily maintained surface. With our portfolio of specialist agricultural asphalt products, our agricultural asphalt surfacing contracting services understand the needs of a working farm and the farming industry in Glasgow.

An ideal solution

Asphalt is highly resilient when compared to concrete in silage bunker silos and storage areas due to the acidity of the runoff which can eat into concrete and unlike concrete asphalt is not susceptible to frost. Additionally, asphalt is installed over a few days, and set in 24 hours, unlike concrete, where there is up to a 28-day cure time. In an industry where maximising profit is essential, asphalt is highly cost effective.

Where concrete is preferred for its impermeable and smooth attributes, suited for scraping with shovels and associated heavy farm machinery, Roadlay can provide high strength material, installing for maximum resilience. When performing an overlay, we use a specific binding agent, and vibrate to release any trapped air, ensuring the most durable surface area possible, whist also considering run off and drainage.

The agricultural industry has very specific surfacing requirements due to the impermeable structure that can be essential in this environment.

If you’re interested in our services in glasgow and surrounding areas, working with you begins with a no-obligation call to discuss your needs, specific project and individual requirements, whether you are small holding or large farm, we understand the challenges you face. With a wide range of proprietary asphalt and concrete materials available to our local contracting teams, you can rest assured we will have the right solution for your application.

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