When you first have your asphalt driveway installed, you’ll notice how smart it looks. It is not only functional and smooth to drive on, it will complement the exterior of your home adding value and kerb appeal.

However, over time constant use and the harsh winter climate can affect the appearance of your driveway. Weeds at the edges, tyre marks, oil stains can all detract from the overall appearance of your driveway.

To help to maintain and clean your asphalt driveway and keep it looking fantastic for longer, there are several things you can do to clean your driveway properly and keep it looking smarter for longer.

Cleaning your driveway

A high-pressure water jet is one of the easiest ways to clean your Asphalt driveway. This will enable you to remove dirt, tyre marks and oil stains without using harsh chemicals. If you find that oil stains are stubborn and difficult to remove even with a jet wash, use a mild detergent such as a household washing up liquid to dissolve the oil.

Regular maintenance

Your driveway can be damaged by weeds – some are incredibly strong and resilient, which is why it’s essential that a reputable company installs your asphalt driveway to begin with. Weeds can cause cracks to appear and result in repair work rather than cleaning. Therefore, keep on top of weeding and if you do have any appearing at the edges, deal with them straight away so that they don’t start to grow and cause damage.

Resealing your driveway

To ensure that your driveway is long lasting, it can be resealed, every once in a while. This will need to be done by professionals and we don’t recommend doing this yourself. Talk to us at Roadlay to find out how this can help to prevent any further damage and make it easier to maintain.