We can conduct all nesseccary traffic management and re-marking / lining requirements for our contracts, including:

  • Specification of TM requirements
  • Submission of detailed TM plans.
  • Permit applications for lane or full road closures
  • Gaining permission to enforce TTROs (temporary traffic regulation orders)
  • Supply of all cones, hard barriers, light systems and signage
  • Manned traffic management, manually controlling lights to ensure steady flow of traffic, and making TM alterations to suit the contract.
  • Re-mark / white line our project on completion of surfacing.

We have worked closely with local councils using our own laboratory to successfully develop new and innovative surfacing materials to meet the demands of Scotland’s climate and the budgets of today’s austerity. Continually researching to develop high performance yet cost effective solutions, and exploring the most advanced materials and techniques to date, we can assure our customers of the best value from cost to completion.

Traffic Management & Roadmarking

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