Roadlay provide road planing services operating two planer sizes with widths 2m and 1m.

The objective with planning is to mechanically remove existing deteriorated surfaces at an accurate depth to ensure a nominal reinstatement with no need to replace kerbs . Planing depths can be up to 320mm, allowing resurfacing of all base course and wearing course layers.

Prior to resurfacing, Roadlays mechanical road sweeper then brushes the road clean of debris prior to a hot sprayed emulsion bond coat application to the surface before road surfacing commences. Following reinstatement of the new surface,  the application of white lining and re-marking will be replaced.

Road Planing & Road Marking
Road Planing & Road Marking

Road Marking / White Lining

Roadlay provides high quality Thermoplastic  road marking services from traditional intermittent road and car park  white lining with double yellow lines,  to brightly coloured EV ( Electric Vehicle ) Disabled , Mother and Toddler car parking spaces , Zebra crossings , signage etc

We also provide high skid resistant surface which utilises a bauxite aggregate providing a PSV ( polished stone value ) in excess of 72PSV . This is most commonly used in road bends and hills where good tyre grip is required.

Our lining services also encompass the removal of markings. We can burn off existing markings to leave the surface paint free, or make alterations, re-applying to a new design. Additionally, we can perform the re-marking of existing weathered lines to freshen up parking bays, junctions ands roads.

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