The Scottish roads network is a vital part of the country’s infrastructure. It is the largest asset and therefore essential for our economy and communities to function. We provide bespoke surface treatment products suitable for road and pathway defects as well as a number of core surface treatments and road repair.

Here in Scotland we experience extreme weather conditions, making road maintenance more important than ever in order to protect our roads from water ingress and damage from freezing and thawing, making roads unsafe or inefficient.

Through expert road maintenance, Roadlay will balance optimum preventative maintenance with reactive repairs. We undertake a range of road maintenance and footway maintenance for local authorities and commercial clients including:

  • Reactive road maintenance – carrying out emergency repairs
  • Planned road maintenance – a cyclical programme of road inspections and improvements
  • Routine road maintenance – minor maintenance works
  • Road patching contracts – Planning out failed stretches of road, and re surfacing
  • Professional pothole patching – mechanically cutting and breaking out failed areas and repairing with fresh material.
  • Screed and overlay
  • Tar and chipping
Road Maintenance
Road Maintenance

The nature of repair works varies depending on the condition of the road surface, the underlaying structure and topography of the area.

Our dedicated workforce provides exceptional value for money with a highly skilled solution. Working with our clients we will establish the budget available and ensure an appropriate investment in upcoming projects to minimise future repair spend.

We prepare full traffic management drawings, submit permits and TTROs, (temporary traffic regulation orders), as well as re-marking / white lining on completion.

As Scotland’s premier Asphalt specialists with over 40 years’ proven experience in the commercial sector, we have an excellent understanding of the locality and the needs of the area, enabling us to provide exceptional value.

Our road repair solutions are specially designed to suit a range of surface defects, our slurry seal and hand applied Asphalt surfacing treatments are supplied in accordance with BS EN 13108 shall be CE marked and will be laid in accordance with BS 594987 and the company’s Quality Management System.

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