Resin Industrial Flooring in Glasgow & Central Scotland

Not everyone wants a grey surface! Resin bonded aggregate is by far the most beautiful option available on the market for outdoor surfacing, however it is an option which is unfortunately very commonly installed incorrectly, and misunderstood.

Resin Industrial Flooring

Roadlay only use BBA approved, UV resistant resin bond.

Manufactured in the UK from natural aggregate, and installed over a porous asphalt, a resin bonded surface will transform your driveway. It provides endless beautiful natural stone finishes to enhance any driveway, patio or pathway, without the drawbacks of loose natural stone aggregates.

Best of all, it looks great. A resin bonded surface is flexible and porous; water drains through the surface straight back into the natural ground, meaning there is no drainage work required. With a self-draining, SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant driveway, you are eliminating any puddling, and taking strain off existing drainage, lowering risk of any kind of flooding, leaving a slip resistant, seamless, modern, highly attractive and environmentally friendly surface area.

As an alternative to loose gravel, concrete and brick, a resin bonded surface is hardwearing, long lasting and requires little maintenance. In addition, it can be laid over existing asphalt or concrete and eliminates weed growth and surface puddles.

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