Alongside our large-scale contracts, we also work for residential clients, transforming their property and improving the value of their assets. It’s important to choose the right product as this can significantly affect the overall aesthetic and longevity of the works.

The products you choose will always boil down to performance, aesthetics and cost and we are here to help you make the best decision for your project’s needs.

The type of driveway, patio, garden surface or concrete service you choose can have a huge effect on the overall aesthetic and value of your property.

There are typically five main driveway options to choose from here in the UK; Asphalt, concrete, resin, gravel, and block paving.

It’s often a challenge to make the right decision. Not only does it need to look great, but it needs to be durable, within your budget, easy to maintain and of course, stand the test of time.

Having worked extensively in all of these areas of surfacing, Roadlay is here to make things a little easier. Our aim is to provide our clients with the most sustainable and modern driveway options to create the best possible first impression and to transform your home.

The choice of materials we use is ultimately your decision but we’re here to lend a helping hand, proving expert advice on site conditions, costs and in-depth industry knowledge on each type of surface option so that you have all the information required to make the right decision.

It’s not uncommon for people to combine asphalt with other surface materials  such as a decorative block or resin border to create a bespoke driveway or outside area.

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