New Entrance Road into King George V Docks

Contract SectorIndustrial
LocationGovan, Glasgow
Contract RoleSubcontractor – McLaughlan and Harvey
Scope of workCreation of full new adoptable road entrance into King George V Docks from the roundabout at Kings Inch Drive

The contract involved working to the detailed drawings and specifications provided by McLaughlan and Harvey and instructions from their on-site engineers. Additionally, we adhered to their very strict Health and Safety Policies in conjunction with King George V Staff who were transporting large windfarm propellors throughout the contract period:

  • Laying 30%14mm HRA plus 20mm PCC and road marking to Renfrew Council adoptable standards
  • Set-up and planning of traffic management
  • Excavation to reinstatement depths
  • Tree and root removal
  • Installation of 6F2
  • Installation of MOT Type 1
  • Installation of kerbs and block paving
  • Installation of all drainage system to existing main outlet
  • Installation of manholes
  • Installation of new street lighting and ducts
  • Lowering of fiber optic cables and ducts
  • Construction of footways to Council specification, kerbing and surfacing
  • Paver machine lay AC20 base course to council specification
  • Paver machine lay 30% 14mm HRA with 20mm 60 plus PSV PCC to Renfrew Council adoptable standards
  • Night shift Road Planing and machine lay reinstatement

All work undertaken , except white lining item , by Roadlay staff using own excavation ,paving and asphalt equipment . This contract was under very time limited constraints due to the continuance of the exporting of the windfarm propellors and the adoption of the Kings Inch Road roundabout by Renfrew Council due to the continued use by Braehead Shopping Centre traffic .We achieved the contract timescales on time and on budget

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