Roadlay is the preferred contractor for construction and repair work on industrial yards across Scotland. This type of specialised surfacing requires products and installation that can withstand heavy plant machinery including HGVs without long term damage or wear and tear.

Whether you require a new yard construction, yard or parking extensions, or seeking various repair work, Roadlays broad range of services paired with our extensive technical background allows us to offer bespoke products, designs and solutions to cater for any industrial work required. Our clients take advantage of our combined services, eliminating our customers repair list, simultaneously in the one visit, with the one contractor, saving management time, and money.

Industrial Yards
Industrial Yards

Our Services

  • Full industrial grade concrete Yard construction
  • Concrete access roads
  • Concrete foundations (sub stations, tanks, portacabins, ect)
  • Utility installations
  • Concrete repairs
  • Concrete floors
  • Industrial resin flooring
  • Weighbridge installations
  • Heavy duty anti-slip
  • Yard repairs
  • Installation of industrial grade drainage solutions
  • Drainage clearing and unblocking
  • Existing drainage repair
  • Repair of broken or sunken ironwork
  • Installation or repair of crash barriers
  • Installation or repair of palisade fencing
  • Industrial yard flood lighting installation
  • Edgings and kerbs
  • Yard markings, delegated pedestrian walkways, hatchings, loading bays, electric vehicle bays
  • Car park construction, extension and repair

Industrial yard repair

We understand the need to maintain grounds to keep employees safe in their working environment. Eliminating “trips and falls”, surface water ponding, and ensuring smooth running surfaces for folklifts transporting goods, or marking safety zones and constructing delegated pedestrian walk ways for safe passage are just some examples of repair work we cater for to maintain safe working, and essential to pass site audit inspections for our clients.

Minimum Disruption

We co-ordinate all repair work around our clients daily activity, and appreciate that any significant down time simply cannot be afforded when disrupting operations. We minimize this by specifying alternative, fast setting materials, phase working, and even night work to ensure our work has no effect on company trade.

Industrial yard surfacing

Roadlay offers highly durable machine laid asphalt solutions to the industrial sector, specifying to suit the demanding needs of the industry, from entrance roads of logistic centres to park up sites for heavy goods haulage. Utilising our combined services and multidisciplined team, we offer a range of combined materials to suit the functionality of the workspace. While correctly specified asphalt products are suitable for Roads, and parking, areas that suffer oil and diesel spill, or a require yard scraping with machinery, we can construct concrete slabs to perform for these purposes.

Industrial Yards
Industrial Yards

Industrial Yard Construction

From initial planning to the installation works, our specialist team will create a bespoke and practical yard for your industrial and commercial requirements, or construct to an engineer’s design drawings. Whether you are a developer looking to transform assets to a rentable standard, or a business looking to extend workspace or parking facilities, up against todays cost of construction Roadlay civil engineering, armed with our extensive services offer a very appealing option, dealing with one contractor, saving on management time, and costs, with no compromise on quality.

We carry out an initial site visit to check the site requirements, size and drainage and work with you to decide on the overall aesthetics and requirements.  We will use a combination of products designed for heavy commercial use, laid by hand or machine. We have also developed our own drainage low maintenance drainage solutions for optimum longevity and performance within this industry sector.

Contact our team if you require any repair, surfacing or construction works of an industrial yard.

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