Construction of adoptable new Road

Contract SectorIndustrial / Private
LocationUddingston, Glasgow
Contract RoleDesign & Build / Primary Contractor
Scope of workDesign and Build of new adoptable entrance and access road for a new industrial yard directly off Aitkenhead Road, Uddingston (main road)

This contract involved liaising with North Lanarkshire Council’s Road Engineers to include acceptable sight lines, acceleration lanes and to install a new pedestrian footpath and crossing. The new access road was required in advance of planning for the new yard. The yard will include heavy haulage trucks and so required consideration for safe entry and exit to the yard was required. The site at the start of the project was a farmer’s field with high ground levels.

Roadlay appointed as principal contractor for:

  • Design and Build
  • Asphalt surfacing (3,000 square metres of hot-rolled asphalt)
  • Deep excavation and Earth moving of 5 metres + depth soil to create acceptable levels to tie in with the existing main road
  • New drainage system to tie in with existing outlets
  • Kerbing
  • Construction of new footpath and crossing to North Lanarkshire Council adoptable standards
  • Re-position and lowering of underground fibre-optic cables
  • Ducting installed for cabling of future lighting
workmen creating a new pavement

Full make-up including:

  • Site leveling
  • Deep Excavation of soft grounds
  • Installation of 6F2
  • Installation of MOT Type 1 sub-base
  • Paver machine lay of AC20 at 150mm
  • Paver machine lay of 55% 10mm HRA

Roadlay Ltd were contracted to:

  • Set out levels and crossfalls, design drainage and install whole road system to withstand 45 tonne gross vehicle weight (GVW) heavy good vehicles
  • Specify and design materials to establish CBR levels (Californian Bearing Ratio) for durability

Due to the location of the site, there was significant traffic management involved including 2-way manned traffic light system and hard-barriered pedestrian route to ensure the safety of the general public and delineation from the works. We had permits for traffic management which meant we had time constraints which we worked within.

None of the job was sub-contracted. Operating as a small family-run contractor, excellent customer service is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on the quality of the work that we do and enjoy repeat business and referrals from our clients.

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