Being experts in concrete technology, Roadlay can specify, design, prepare  and install pavement quality (PQ) concrete for a variety of commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications. From groundwork and formation preparation to the perfect finish, our highly skilled in-house team undertake concrete construction of:

  • Access Roads
  • Kerb logs
  • External yard installations
  • Structural fiber reinforced slabs
  • Pavement installations
  • Engineered Foundations
  • Mesh and reinforcement
  • Power floated concrete floors
  • Attenuation tanks
  • Self Compacting floor screeds

Our inhouse multi skilled workforce and undertake all form work, including shuttering joinery and steel fixing. Using our rotary laser we can accurately set out hights of formwork and shuttering to design drawings, and install any expansion joint, mastic sealing and dowelling requirements. Roadlay offers a range of finishes, from a brushed finish with trowelled edge, for and new access road formation, to a power floated finish of an internal warehouse floor.

Concrete Works

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