Concrete Services

Within road surfacing we use concrete for cavity fill, kerbing and edging, and with the same excavation process required to construct a new access road, driveway, or carpark, we have extended our skills to encompass the excavation, construction, specification, supply and finish of concrete bases. Depending on the nature and size of the job, Roadlay can determine the required strength and mix of concrete, and will provide the quickest and most cost-effective method of supply. We can also add our expert concrete finishing service providing our clients with an all-round professional and hassle-free solution. Examples of our concrete services include:

  • Industrial yard
  • Shed Base
  • Garage Base
  • Summerhouse Base
  • Hot Tube Base
  • Solum
  • Garden Shed Base
  • Stable base
  • Wall
  • Conservatory Base
  • Driveway
  • Patio/Path

Concrete Supply and Finishing

Whether you already have the knowledge and time to prepare your own base foundation, by digging out soil or existing ground, edging, shuttering and levelling a sub base ready for concrete, or you are simply re-surfacing a tired worn existing base, Roadlay can arrange the supply and finish to your concrete project. Our multi skilled work force can quickly install the new surface to specification and professionally finish.

When concrete is poured into a form it creates a large number of air bubbles, which if left, will not only degrade the strength and integrity of the concrete, but also risk permeability, where water could enter and damage the structure over time. Using a vibrating poker, we ensure these air bubbles trapped within the concrete are eliminated, allowing us to then level the pour and leave to set in confidence. The curing process is as important as the preparation and pour, where many factors should be taken into account to avoid common problems such as shrinkage cracking which frequently catch out the DIY installers. Failed installation from preparation, specification or curing will result in costly repair, usually ending in the base being broken back out, incurring more cost to dispose of the failed material before starting again.

Roadlay have the solutions to combat all job specific issues involved in the installation of concrete, and as with all our products and services, we offer discount when you engage two or more of our services, providing yet another advantage when appointing your all-round surfacing specialist Roadlay.

You could consider surfacing your concrete base in one our industrial resin finishes detailed in our “industrial garage resin flooring” section, or surround your hot tub base with our soft, slip resistant and self-draining rubber crumb.

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Concrete Services

Pattern imprinted concrete

Patterned imprinted concrete, is another specialist service within surfacing market. It is essentially a layer of concrete applied to a sub base with a colour applied using a colour harder. Whilst wet, a patterned matt is applied to create a replica design including brickwork and textured stone.

Benefits of patterned imprinted concrete includes:

Weed and stain resistant

Minimal maintenance

Permanent colour and texture that will not fade

Suitable for driveways, patios and pathways

Imprinted concrete can cover large areas and is another alternative to block paving or stone.

It’s essential that you engage the services of an expert when choosing this type of surfacing (or any type of driveway surfacing for that matter!) because if it isn’t installed correctly it can be misaligned and could give a substandard appearance. In addition, if not applied correctly it will be prone to cracks. Any repairs will not perfectly match the original installation so can end up looking poorly applied so it’s essential it is initially installed correctly.

Special attention needs to be paid towards the drainage and underground services given that it is non-permeable, so without proper drainage it will not comply with planning regulations for surfacing of front gardens and underground pipe access may be required in the future. Additionally, installing pattern imprinted concrete is a much longer and labour-intensive solution in comparison to alternatives, all this needs to be taken into consideration. Therefore, you’ll need to engage the services of an all-encompassing surfacing specialist such as Roadlay.

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