Groundworks & Civil Engineering

Roadlay undertake all aspects of groundworks and civil engineering for full construction. Our highly trained multi skilled staff avoids hazards, understanding and working with site plans to ensure safe systems of work and best digging practises at all times. With use of our cable avoidance tools and signal generators we locate all underground services, such as electricity and gas, during our excavation works, which is essential for the health and safety of our operatives and prevention of costly disruptions during our civil engineering projects.

In addition to working with engineers’ drawings, we can produce our own site investigation reports, identifying positions of existing utilities, and performing soil, and CBR tests, prior to excavation work commencing.

With use of our own laser levels and total station, we provide efficient and accurate setting out activities, from site set up points, and site plotting to establishing  co-ordinates and checking heights on gradients and cross falls,  allowing us to work to an engineer’s drawing with precision, or prepare and issue our own design drawings.

Some of the groundwork and civil engineering work we undertake are:

  • Bulk Excavation to meet the required site levels . All excavated material will be safetly disposed of in a licenced tip . Roadlay has its own Waste Carriers Licence
  • Bulk Fill importation , ie 6F5, 6F2 and MOT Type 1 sub base and laid and compacted to correct levels
  • Laser based Site Levelling to ensure accuracy
  • Road and ground design , based on CBR ( Californian Bearing Ratio) Testing which determines the correct depths of sub grades , sub bases and surfacing courses.
  • Geotextiles – to stabilise ground conditions prior to installation of bulk fill levels
  • Kerbing , all types of kerbing , natural whinstone, granite kerbs and setts. concrete kerbs , tactiles and paving
  • Site Plotting – Using the latest GPS plotting software to ensure greater accuracy
  • Drainage – All aspects of small and large pipe drainage installation , gullies, catch pits and manholes
  • Concrete Works : Pavement Quality ( PQ ) concrete ( Air Entrained with Fibres ) , Roads , Yards, Foundations or repair works . SUDS – Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes for use where traditional drainage schemes are either not permissible by Scottish Water or where there is no available drainage network. Roadlay are also experts in permeable surfacing eg, Porous Asphalt Surfacing whereby the surfacing drains immediately into the SUDS and natural watercourse rendering traditional drainage systems unrequired.
  • Cable ducting
  • Industrial Lighting and ducting - All street and floodlights installed with correct boxes and ducting installed to the correct specifications
  • Footway Construction – Full construction of footways which would include all aspects of excavation, sub base, kerbing and drainage installation, together with asphalt base course and wearing course surfacing, including any ancillary civils requirements (taclitle paving, pedestrian barriers etc)

Roadlays employees are fully qualified to operate 20tonne plus excavators, dumpers and ancillary equipment and are experts in concrete technology for the benefit of our Clients.

All this together with Roadlays proven ability to provide asphalt surfacing excellence gives our Clients the necessary confidence in Roadlay as a “ ONE STOP SHOP “ in their Civil Engineering and Road Surfacing requirements.

Groundworks & Civil Engineering

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